So, I wanted to do a quick review of my favorite slides template site, Fun out about this site during a GAFE camp, if I’m not mistaken (all these PDs start to blend together after a while…lol).

I am very grateful to the person who showed me SlidesCarnival.  Full disclosure – I stink at creativity.  Seriously. But that’s a fight for another post.  Anyhow, I really like that SlidesCarnival takes the creativity aspect out of trying to get the best looking slides for presentations, as they have already created a bunch! They are really fun, easy to copy and use, and heck, the word free really helps!  (They license their stuff Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 .  You can share and adapt, but have to give credit, and you can’t sell it as your own). Definitely recommend these to those of us who are not creative enough (or simply just don’t have the time) to make a pretty presentation slide!  Thank you SlidesCarnival for being out there!!!

Examples of presentations I’ve created using SlidesCarnival.