Designing a Blog

I want to talk a bit about designing a blog.  You can say you want to write a blog, but it still has to look good!  I’ve spent the better part two days really trying to decide on this blog, this look, feel, even the name!  This is not quick work if you want to do it right!

Before I did anything, I had to decide on a site to host.  I have my own website, where my blog has been hosted.  But, I want to keep this separate from it.  I want it to be independent, its own entity, if you will.  I will eventually import some of my better blog posts, but that will be a bit. So, I had to decide.  I looked at both WordPress and Blogger.  Why did I decide on WordPress over Blogger?  Main reason, honestly?  Someone already took reademption on Blogger.  I’ve used WordPress for a few years as my website template, so I’m familiar with it, but I don’t want to host it on my domain just yet.  Again, wanted them to be separate.  So, here we are.

imageThen, of course, is the blog name.  This was difficult.  I am really not that creative when it comes to wordsmithing.  Thank goodness for a talented partner who knows me well.  He was able to come up with Reademption and the reasons why… I’ve incorporated it into my about page.

So, I’ve got the platform, I’ve got the name.  I set that all up, no problems.  But, here’s the
fun but tricky part.  A theme.  I’m all about WordPress free themes…. usually.  But this time I could not find one that really made me happy!  I went through about 10 overall.  I have settled on this theme, Sorbet, for now.  The downside to not hosting it on my own site, though, is that I can’t do as much customization as I normally would.  Eventually I will, just like all else, but for now, to get this baby started, we’re starting here.

imageAfter that, it’s just finetuning, figuring out what widgets and menus I want, and then from there, it’s all about posting.  So, there you have it.  My take on designing a blog.