Lies You Never Told Me – Book Review

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36547961Lies You Never Told Me
by Jennifer Donaldson

I just want to say beforehand wow.  Just wow.  This book is powerful, mysterious, confusing, frustrating, has a lot of what the #$%^ moments, and a realization at the end that will blow you away.  It’s that good.  It’s so good I shared it with some of my top readers, and word got out, so I had to quickly add it into the system for people to check out.

This book has two narrators: Elyse and Gabe.  At first, I will admit, this book is confusing at the start.  It did take me a bit to really get into it because of that.  But, as you start reading, you realize that you’re reading two different stories, two different perspectives.  And that’s ok!  Really, I promise.  As you read more into the story, you realize that Elyse starts going down a path she shouldn’t, and Gabe is with a girl who is popular but not right for him, but he feels trapped.  The twists and turns in their story really take you for a rollercoaster ride.  But that last drop – the reveal – will truly blow you away.  Completely unpredictable, in a world where so many books and movies are overly-predictable.  This is a total amazing read.  Get past the first couple of chapters where you feel confused by the storylines and I guarantee you’ll get sucked into Elyse’s and Gabe’s stories.  This is a 5/5 star book if I ever read one.


Book Review – Zeroboxer


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Zeroboxer by Fonda Lee actually surprised me.  I wasn’t quite sure I would enjoy this book, but I really did.  I should mention, it is a Missouri Gateway Nominee from MASL for 2017-2108.

The story begins with the introduction of the main character, Carr ‘the raptor’ Luka.  Carr is a Zeroboxer.  This seems to be similar to our MMA, but done in Zero Gravity.  Carr is a rising star in the Zeroboxing world.  Young and talented.  He lives on Mars, which has been colonized, though he started out on Earth.  After an impressive fight, Carr is officially signed by the Zero Gravity Fighting Association, which assigns him his own “brandhelm,” Risha, a Martian colonist.  Brandhelms manage the brand and the marketing.  Risha helps to increase Carr’s popularity.  But, like many sports, there is a criminal element that the fighters don’t always know about.  Carr gets wrapped up in it unwittingly.  He has to decide if he wants to be the champ, or will be put ethics first.

This book is one I can highly recommend.  It definitely lends itself to the boy reader, but girls won’t be disappointed, even if they are not much of a sports person.  There is everything from sports to science and genetics, and even some romance.  It is a great book overall.