My First Book Fair

first book fairSo, it is official. I am running my first book fair. This is not an easy task! Between setting up, coordinating volunteers, making sure everyone has a chance to buy but also realizing that a lot of things are too expensive for my students, staying late nightly, making sure I am adding up and totally everything, keeping records (because I feel I should), and just the whole darn thing… well, it’s exhausting! I’m proud of it though. We’ve made a little money – not a lot, but it’ll be something – and I now have experience running a fair. I’m grateful for years of retail experience and my grandfather who taught me to give change without a calculator! The biggest help was from fellow librarians in my district. One gave a lot of personal tips and tricks that I believe have made me not only successful, but have kept down the number of items and books that grow legs and walk off. Tomorrow is the last day, and I’m both happy and sad. It’s a weird feeling because I know I got more books into my students hands, made a little money to help get more books for the library, but I am really going to be happy to see it go and get the library back in order! So, I now have officially run a fair!