Hi!  I’m Jamie, welcome to my blog!  A little about me:

I’m a librarian, teacher/librarian, library media specialist.  Your choice on the title.

Why did I title this blog reademption?  Because this is my redemption.  From years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life when I grew up.

I’ve done so many things professionally in the last 13 years since I finished my undergrad degree:  Floor Supervisor for a Sheltered Workshop, Lead Teacher in an Infant Room at a daycare, Sales Associate for various retail places, Guest Teacher with a long-term placement as a Special Education teacher, Student Teacher, Paraprofessional, 5th Grade Teacher, Call center associate, E-Content Specialist, Support Specialist for IT department, Instructional Designer.  It’s a long list.  The only thing that I ever really fell in love with is teaching.  But, I couldn’t find the right place in education.  So I left, using my ed tech and teaching background to work making online training modules in corporate america.

Then, I got the brilliant idea to look at how I could get back to education.  I looked, and found that someone with my background would be great…. if I had a library background as well.  Being that I did not have one, I got one (I refuse to just be certified by test without learning what I need to know.)  From there, well, let’s just say the rest is history.  I’m now in my fourth year as a librarian, and I love it!  There are things I don’t like, and let’s be honest, everyone has that, but that doesn’t negate the fact I’ve finally found a career I love.  This is my redemption.  My READemption.  And I plan on making the most of this.