Newsletter Assignment

CaptureSo, I had an assignment to create a newsletter that I would sent out to parents, students, and teachers. It’s fairly simplistic, but I’m definitely happy with it.  Enjoy!




Library Wordle


In class today we were discussing  So, I decided that I would create a wordle myself that included library words!  Fair warning, though if you use this; the site is a bit tempermental when it comes to Chrome.  I had to use Internet Explorer….



Here are the words I added in to create this (Note: the ~ keeps multiple words together!)

Library Library Library Teacher Teacher Teacher Information~Literacy Information~Specialist Instructional~Partner Program~Administrator Collaboration Web~2.0 Professional~Development Books Books Books Reference Reference Collection~Analysis Information~Access Information Information Technology Technology Advocate Manager Programs Workshops Professional~Development Integration Resources Instruction Catalog Assessment Book~Fair Book~Club Partner Displays Books Magazines References Computers Reading~Program Reading Partner Online Online~Database Online~Resources Welcoming~Environment Access Author~Visits Student~Suggestions Teacher~Suggestions Technology Instruction Students Students Student~needs Twitter Web~2.0 Photos Videos Webpages Coding Google Education K-12 Library Library~Media~Center Library~Media~Center Technology Collaboration Piktochart Powtoon Screencast Animoto Glogster Creative~Commons Creative~Commons MLA~Citation Fair~Use Intellectual~Property Catalog Reading Reading Reading Creating Creating Partner Vimeo Prezi Google~Docs Jing Skype Screenr Symbaloo Voki Wiki Research Reference Copyright Research Creating Banned~Book Media~Center E-Books Students Displays Bulletin~Boards Biographies Fiction Non-Fiction E-Mail Print Information~Power Information AASL Library~Program Professional School~Goals Authors Heart~of~the~School Leaders Digital~Age Advocate Community Learning Inquiry Inquiry Big~6 Information~Literacy Software Resource~Sharing Access Webpage Flickr QR~Codes Google~Earth PLN Bibliography Articles Journals EBSCO Discussions Annotations Research~Papers

What Librarians Make – Joyce Valenza

I admire Joyce Valenza.  No, I want to be her when I grow up.  🙂

I follow her on twitter, I have read many an article she has written.  But this vimeo/blog post takes the cake, in my opinion.  Follow the link, read the words, listen to her speak.  It’s powerful, meaningful, and yes, I want to really be her when I grow up.

Book Talk – The Invisible Boy

17140549The Invisible Boy, by Trudy Ludwig and illustrated by Patrice Barton, is a picture book that is currently on the MASL Show-Me Readers nominee list for 2015-2016.

This book is about Brian.  Brian is a quiet, somewhat shy student.  He likes to draw, and doesn’t display a need for attention to himself.  This, however, makes him almost forgotten, almost invisible.

That is, until a new student, Justin, comes to his class.  Justin is able to “see” Brian, when no one else would.

This book is a great book to teach about including everyone in the class, not just those who are loud, or pushy, or otherwise noticeable.

I personally connected with this story because I was one of those “invisible” children.  I know what it is like to be the quiet, shy one in class, to not raise your hand, to hope not to be called on.  This book connected with me, and hopefully it will with you as well.

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